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About Ray Freeman Agile Consultant

About Ray

With more than eighteen years of experience in the field of internet technology, author D. Ray Freeman is the founder of Agile Consultant Guide. As a behavioral dynamics trainer, “Ray” is a keynote speaker and motivates teams to accelerate work and personal performance using the values and principles of Agile.

About Agile Consulting

About ACG

As a company, we want to increase team performance by improving people’s ability to communicate. With a strong focus on Agile methodology we will boost the velocity of teams across a wide array of business sectors. Founded by author, speaker and Agilist D. Ray Freeman, Agile Consultant Guide provides behavioral dynamics training to organizations and teams of all sizes.

what is emergenetics

What is Emergenetics

Emergenetics International has helped companies around the world foster more productive cultures with science-based insight into each employee’s preferences and communication styles.

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